5 things to consider when booking a hot air balloon ride:

1 Where you is going heat ballooning
There are beautiful places to travel heat ballooning all over the world. And balloons fly in nearly every country. You may fly over temples in Asia, fly in the Rocky Mountains, or even fly before Mt. Rainier in Seattle Washington. The best known heat balloon festival is the Albuquerque heat balloon festivity with over 550 heat balloons.

2 Do you want to take flight with 12-20 other people or journey with just 1 or 2 2 other couples
Large heat balloons often cost $50-$75 less than heading on a smaller private tour. Is the $75 charge well worth not being crammed like a sardine with a good deal of people you just met? We’d say so. There are many companies that cater to smaller organizations and take flight privately. When selecting your balloon ride seattle trip company, you will want to ask them just how many people the baskets carry. Companies that fly large heat balloons are great, it’s just not the private type of experience you would want when celebrating a wedding anniversary, birthday, or getting engaged.

3 Sunrise or sunset flight
Sunrise flights are wonderful. You’ll receive to the introduction location about one hour before sunrise while it continues to be dark outside. The balloon will be setup in the dark and you simply shall launch right at sunrise. Dawn patrol one of the better sunrise flights is called. The hot air balloon uses special lights and can take off 30 minutes before sunrise. You’ll get to view the sunrise from a large number of legs in the air. It is really amazing. Sunset plane tickets are beautiful. You’ll receive amazing photos of the brilliant sunset, and wish you could start to see the sunshine establish that real way every day.

4 Reviews
There are numerous communal sites that guest can leave reviews about their hot air balloon ride. Most reviews for heat balloon companies are found on Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, and Trip Consultant. You’ll want to pick a heat balloon company that has 5 superstar reviews and has a minimum of 10 reviews. You can even see photographs of where they soar and just how many people the heat balloon company holds in their heat balloon.

5 Ease of scheduling
Many heat balloon companies are still stuck in the 90s and also have old websites. The newer companies not only have potential guests rerouted with their cell phones, there is also online scheduling. Online scheduling allows guests to see all the times that are available and easily change their reservation when there is a conflict.

6 Insurance and safety

Most commercial hot air balloon companies carry at least a million dollar hot air balloon insurance policy. You’ll want to make sure that the companies insurance policy is current. You’ll want to be upfront with the pilot about any ailments you have. Unfortunately if you have back issues or are pregnant, you can’t go flying in a hot air balloon.